Residential & Commercial pool service
        California Pool Care provides many services and repairs for all your pool and spa needs. We are a San Diego pool service that serves the San Diego area. We are insured professionals, ASAPP members, NSPF Certified Pool Operators, BLS/CPR certified and only work with insured professionals in the pool service industry to provide you with the highest quality of care at the best prices available. Since every pool system is different, we prefer to give our quotes on yours after we view it. A consultation on pool service is given at no charge for your convenience. Are you unhappy with your current pool service provider? Or are they just charging too much for their pool service? Ask what discounts are available based on your previous pool service invoice! We pride ourselves in being reasonably priced and competitive for your business. Call us today to set up a free consultation for pool service! 858-925-9307

Residential Pool Services

Full Weekly Pool Service / Monthly Rate
  • Test pool water for proper chemistry
  • Add chemicals to pool as needed to balance water chemistry
  • Check pool water levels and notify with door hanger if low
  • Brush steps, walls and tile in pool as needed
  • Skim pool water surface and remove all debris from water
  • Vacuum pool floor as needed
  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwash D.E. and sand filters
  • Prime system equipment and inspect for leaks and proper operation 
  • Check proper operation of salt cell and notify when service is needed
  • Adjust pool pump timers for appropriate seasons
  • Provide pool equipment repair and replacement discounts
Weekly Pool Chemical Service / Monthly Rate

  • Test pool water for proper chemistry
  • Add chemicals to pool as needed to balance water chemistry (chemicals included)

Please Note:  Should we detect a defect in your swimming pool or the equipment, we will notify you to advise you of the problem.  If it something that we can take care of for you then we can provide you with an estimate to do so.  It is our company policy that we will not perform a repair without your authorization.

Green Pool Recovery

Has your  swimming pool turned green? There are many factors that can cause your swimming pool or spa water to turn green from filtration and pump issues to heavy use and chemical imbalance. California Pool Care can diagnose those issues and resolve them. If caught in time the water can be saved without having to drain the pool. If left unattended, your pool may need to be drained. Letting your swimming pool turn green can sometimes warrant a chlorine or acid wash due to staining.

We Service All Swimming Pool Filters

DE Filters

Diatomaceous Earth filters (DE) consist of a fine powdery filter media that can trap microscopic particles. These pool filters strain out algae spores, dirt, dust, and bacteria. The DE filter requires backwashing waste to bring down pump pressure and sometimes requires more thorough cleanings. This requires a complete breakdown, inspection, and lube. Improper care can lead to serious malfunctions that can be costly.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters need to be cleaned out fairly often, every 3 to 4 months depending amount of pool use and foliage around the pool area. Cartridge filters need replacement when the components begin to break down.

Sand Filters

Sand filters require service periodically or when the pressure doesn't lower with backwashing. The sand can last a long time, but can become hardened with minerals, lotions, and oils. Once the sand deteriorates cleaning and replacement is required.

Commercial Pool Services

     We offer many commercial pool services that can be tailored  to the use of your facility, availability of your staff and budget constrictions. Due to the lack of quality care and negligence found in some situations from your previous pool service provider, before we can enter into a contractual agreement, the initial inspection that takes place by our staff inform your facility of corrections that need to be made to code or repairs that need to be made. These must be corrected with a proactive approach between the facility staff and our water/facility management service, in order to keep your facility running safely, minimizing risk to you, your staff, our staff and the users of the facility. If any preventive negligence is shown, we reserve the right to wave any verbal expectation and eliminate the risks involved, which could terminate possible service. After we bring the facility up to County public health standards, we can then move forward in correcting or implementing custom maintenance programs to minimize down time, expenditures and maximize the life of the facilities equipment and structures. Our staff is made available 24hrs for emergencies within our commercial services only. If you are interested in discovering what California Pool Care can do for your facility, our staff is friendly and available to answer your questions during "operating hours."

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